Networking Guides

  • APACHE 2 WEB SERVER Configuration

    Alcune domande per poter comprendere bene Apache2 e poter configurare apache con https dobbiamo prima comprendere alcune cose legate ad apache Configurazione HTTPS con apache2 TLS e il suo predecessore SSL, (secure sockets layer), sono protocolli Web utilizzati per avvolgere il traffico normale in un pacchetto protetto e crittografato. 1) Creazione certificato SSL TLS /…

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  • OpenVPN Configuration

    OpenVPN Configuration

    Disclaimer This guide is a piece of an old project (2017-2018), which means that some of its content may be OUTDATED. This does not imply that everything written down here is trash or not working.If you have any troubles or if you have any improvements, leave a comment. Introduction OpenVPN is an open source program…

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