About Me

Welcome, user.
Why are you here? Have you asked it yourself?
As per definition,

Curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn something, an unusual or interesting object or fact.

This is the main purpose of our existence, eventually: To find out, discover, pursue our curiosity.
I guess you are here to find out who i am, to associate a name, a face to this website, but unfortunately you won’t find what you’ re seeking for.
My name is D.
I am the very founder of this website and creator of all its contents, and i’m giving it all out to you all served fresh on a golden plate.
I am a true believer of the freedom of speech, free software and economic liberalism, that’s why these topics are wide spread in here.

But let’s get to the point, this website is lost bay, a place where you will be able to find a lot of stuff related to the I.T world in the most accessible possible way.
Don’t always try to find an answer to your questions, sometimes you won’t find them.
Try to understand what’s around you because not everything has a meaning, but everything always have a significate.
Enjoy your Staying,